"Noah benShea has elevated the human spirit to great heights with his wisdom."
—Howard Schultz, Chairman Starbucks Coffee

"Noah benShea is a compass because he has with wisdom, compassion, and humor helped so many of us find our way. He is like a Zen Mark Twain."
—Larry King, CNN

"Noah benShea is a wise and compassionate man. His writings have touched me deeply. I highly recommend his work."
—Jack Canfield, Best-selling author of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series

"The insights in Noah benShea's work will benefit and transform all those who read it."
—Deepak Chopra, Best-selling author and physician

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The Journey to Greatness
4 CD Audio Book

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The Journey to GreatnessThis is the 4CD Audio Book package for Noah benShea’s THE JOURNEY TO GREATNESS AND HOW TO GET THERE.
This wise and emotionally moving book is read by the author and was recorded in a New York sound studio.

“I didn’t just read this book, I read it for you. I read it with all the intent of passing along learning and wisdom and stories and laughter that have taken me a lifetime to integrate into a message. If you really want to make your life better, sooner, than take the time and enjoy the time by listening and sharing this audio book. Of all the things you can make in your life, remember you are the one who makes the difference.”
— Noah benShea

Here is a lifetime’s learning that can make a difference in your life. And in a busy life, listening to this on your way to work, or on a long drive, can make the everyday coming and going your personal journey to greatness.

If you are a teacher, a counselor, a cleric, a healing spirit, or simply a friend who wants to be an ally to others, here is the perfect ally to your efforts. You can absolutely improve lives with this 4CD Audio Book to Noah benShea’s National Public Television Special THE JOURNEY TO GREATNESS….AND HOW TO GET THERE.

This learning and laughter has been seen and taken to heart by millions across North America, but touches lives one at a time. And as Noah reminds us, in these tough times for so many, things don’t have to be good for us to be great.

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