Chapter Resources

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Chapter 3:

Figure 3.1   Of Mice and Men Opinionnaire (PDF)

Figure 3.2   Approve or Disapprove? (PDF)

Chapter 4:

Figure 4.1   General Rules of Notice (PDF)

Figure 4.2   Seven Question Types (PDF)

Figure 4.3   Who's on the Other Side? (PDF)

Figure 4.4   "New Friends" Text (PDF)

Figure 4.5   "New Friends" Activity (PDF)

Figure 4.6   Semantic Scale for the "Gettysburg Address" (PDF)

Chapter 5:

Figure 5.1   Being a True Friend (PDF)

Figure 5.2   Acts of Friendship (PDF)

Figure 5.3   Friendship Scenario (PDF)

Figure 5.4   Real Friend Peer Revision Guide (PDF)

Figure 5.5   Essential Question Planning Sheet (PDF)

Chapter 7:

Figure 7.1   Agree or Disagree? (PDF)

Figure 7.2   Who Has the Power? (PDF)

Figure 7.3   Reflecting on Power and Persuasion (PDF)

Figure 7.4   Opinionnaire Scale for "Letter From Birmingham Jail" (PDF)

Figure 7.5   Literary Perspectives Toolkit (PDF)

Author: Michael W. Smith, Deborah Appleman and Jeffrey D. Wilhelm

Pub Date: April 2014

Pages: 224

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