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Resource A: Impact Toolkit

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Administrator Resources

» Core Questions for Impact Schools
» Instructional Improvement Target

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Big Four Observation Tools

» Community Building
» Content Planning
» Instruction
» Assessment for Learning

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Teacher Progress Map (TPM) Resources

» Introduction
» Classroom Management
» Content Planning
» Instruction
» Assessment for Learning
» Teacher Progress Map

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Coach Resources: What Coaches Do

» Step 1: Enroll
» Step 2: Identify
» Step 3a: Explain
» Step 3b: Mediate the Content
» Step 4: Model
» Step 5: Observe
» Step 6: Explore the Lesson

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Additional Tools

» How to Get the Most Out of Watching Your Video
» Watch Your Students
» Watch Yourself
» Big-Ticket Items
» Coaching Planning Form

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Intensive Learning Teams

» Seventh-Grade Math Leadership Team Workshop:
   Schedule of Activities
» Vignettes
» Seventh-Grade Math Leadership Team Workshop:
   Workshop Evaluation Form
» Dialogue Structures

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Download All Files

» All Unmistakable Impact Resource A files (.zip file)
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