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Mara Sapon-Shevin
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Introduction to the Companion Website

This site is designed to provide easy access to the songs referenced in Because We Can Change the World. For each song cited in the text, links are provided for you to hear the song, find the lyrics, and, in some cases, hear others perform the song as well. Links to the songwriters' websites and ordering information for their recordings are also included. The author is extremely grateful to the song writers whose work is featured here. Readers are strongly encouraged to seek out other songs and recordings by these musicians for use in the classroom and community.

Although readers might want to use the link directly with those they teach, it is highly recommended that the link be used FIRST to hear the song and practice how to teach it.

Also contained on this website are some additional references for cooperative games and community building activities.

Chapter Resources

Chapter Documents

These documents, figures, and charts support the material presented in the book. Available to download as individual files or in total by chapter.

Additional Resources

These are related resources available for purchase or for free that may supplement your knowledge or enhance and broaden your understanding of the subject matter presented in Because We Can Change the World.

Contact the Publisher

Should any issues arise with this Web-based companion site, please feel free to let us know by emailing

Used together, the documents presented should create a comprehensive package to supplement your experience of Because We Can Change the World.