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Mara Sapon-Shevin
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Additional Related Resources

The Children's Music Network is a wonderful organization of people who believe that music can be an important part of children’s education and development. The site has many songs (under Peace Resources: and these can be heard and downloaded. Additional information about how to order the songs is also available. CMN has a yearly national conference as well as regional events and these are all wonderful places to sing and hear new songs for the classroom.

Songs for Teaching ( is another excellent site for hearing and buying music for use with children. It is possible to download and purchase individual songs as well as whole albums.

Many of the songwriters whose songs are shared in this book have recordings of their music available. Some songs are available for download as well. These are wonderful resources for classroom teachers who would like to use more music with their classes.

Jenny and David Heitler Klevans:

Bob Blue:

Carol Johnson:  

Ruth Pelham (The Music Mobile)

Jan Nigro:

Sarah Pirtle: and

Nancy Schimmel:

Pam Donkin:

Susan Salidor:

Joanne Hammil:

Sally Rogers:

Bonnie Lockhart:


Teaching Tolerance is an excellent source for materials on teaching about social justice, prejudice reduction and multicultural education.

Syracuse Cultural Workers ( is an excellent organization that sells books, posters and other materials addressing issues of social justice and diversity. Every year they produce a Peace Calendar that includes educational information, quotes, poetry and photographs that display a wide range of people and social justice issues.  The calendar is a valuable teaching tool and can be used to help students understand the dazzling diversity of cultures, people and struggles that are part of changing the world.

The Gay and Lesbian Straight Educators Network ( has excellent materials related to teasing, bullying and harassment related to many issues (not limited to issues of sexual orientation).  They are the organizers of the yearly Week of No Name Calling Campaign.