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High-Impact Instruction

Welcome to High-Impact Instruction

by Jim Knight







Introduction to the Companion Website

This website provides access to the video clips referenced throughout the text (also accessible via QR codes). This site also provides selected checklists and forms from the book in a reproducible format. Used together, these documents and videos create a comprehensive package to supplement your experience of High-Impact Instruction.


High-Impact Instructional Toolkit

On this page you will find PDFs of the checklists and other usable forms provided in the book, organized by chapter.



All of the videos referenced in the margins of the text can be found via the drop-down menu under the "Video" tab. Select a video by chapter/description, for instance: V7.3 Ryan Berger is the third video from chapter 7.


Contact the Publisher

Should any issues arise with this web-based companion site, please feel free to let us know by emailing webmaster@corwin.com.