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High-Impact Instruction

Videos for High-Impact Instruction

by Jim Knight






Video 1.1 Michael Covarrubias talks about why he teaches

Video 1.2 Ginger Grant talks about the power of one-to-one conversations during coaching

Video 2.1 Wendy Hopf talks about the importance of content planning

Video 3.1 Carrie Hochgrebe explains how she uses clickers for formative assessment

Video 3.2 Aisha Santos discusses “I do it, We do it, You do it”

Video 4.1 Carrie Hochgrebe learns about learning maps

Video 4.2 Marlo Warburton uses a graphic organizer to explain equations

Video P2.1 Watch Sandi Silbernagel describe how she assesses whether students are engaged, strategically compliant, or noncompliant

Video 5.1 Wendy Hopf discusses thinking prompts and effective questions

Video 6.1 Chris Korinek talks about questions

Video 7.1 Katie Bannon tells a story in reading class

Video 7.2 Labarbara Madison explains how music helps her students remember

Video 7.3 Ryan Berger talks about using stories in the classroom

Video 8.1 Watch Sandi Silbernagel use two cooperative learning structures – mix, pair, share and jot thoughts

Video 8.2 Watch Tiffani Poirier use games to teach the concept of place value

Video 8.3 Watch Alastair Inman use value line to teach the concept of the history of the earth

Video 9.1 Annette Holthaus has the students working on teachers’ computers

Video 9.2 Caryl Crowell takes students outside to learn science

Video 9.3 Students have their own poetry reading in Miss Gray’s language arts class

Video 9.4 Chris Korinek helps students learn about economic systems by simulating those systems

Video 10.1 Sandi Silbernagel explains how she creates her classroom

Video 11.1 Sandi Silbernagel explains how she reveals information about herself to build relationships

Video 11.2 Wendy Hopf explains how she builds trust with students

Video 12.1 Lori Sinclair explains how she organizes her class for freedom within form

Video 12.2 Sandi Silbernagel explains how she assesses engagement

Video 13.1 Sandi Silbernagel explains why and how she teaches expectations

Video 14.1 Lori Sinclair talks about being a witness to the good