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High-Impact Instruction

High-Impact Instructional Toolkit for High-Impact Instruction

by Jim Knight






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Chapter 1

Resource: 20-Minute High-Impact Survey (PDF)


Chapter 2

Figure 2.1 How to Create Great Guiding Questions (PDF)


Chapter 3

Figure 3.2 Specific Proficiency Checklist (PDF)
Figure 3.3 Proficiency Assessment Form (PDF)
Figure3.4 Quality Assessment Checklist (PDF)
Figure 3.6 Checklist for Using Assessments Effectively (PDF)
Figure 3.8 I Do It, We Do It, You Do It (PDF)


Chapter 4

Figure 4.13 Sample Linking Words (PDF)
Figure 4.14 Quality Map Checklist (PDF)
Figure 4.17 Introducing the Learning Map and Guiding Questions (PDF)
Figure 4.21 Daily Use of the Learning Map and Guiding Questions (PDF)


Chapter 5

Resource: Attributes of Effective Thinking Prompts Checklist (PDF)


Chapter 6

Figure 6.9 Question Chart (PDF)


Chapter 7

Figure 7.3 Effective Stories (PDF)
Figure 7.4 How to Tell a Story (PDF)


Chapter 8

Figure 8.1 Success Factors Checklist (PDF)
Figure 8.3 Turn-to-Your-Neighbor Checklist (PDF)
Figure 8.4 Think, Pair, Share Checklist (PDF)
Figure 8.5 Jigsaw Checklist (PDF)
Figure 8.6 Value Line Checklist (PDF)
Figure 8.7 Round Table Checklist (PDF)


Chapter 9

Figure 9.1 Authentic Learning Checklist (PDF)
Figure 9.2 Successful Authentic Learning Checklist (PDF)
Figure 9.3 Project Criteria Checklist (PDF)


Chapter 10

Resource: Learner-Friendly Environment Survey (PDF)


Chapter 11

Resource: Student Survey- Elementary School Age (PDF)
Resource: Student Survey- Middle School Age (PDF)
Resource: Student Survey- High School Age (PDF)


Chapter 12

Figure 12.3 Engagement Form (PDF)
Resource: Assessing Time on Task (PDF)


Chapter 13

Figure 13.4 Act, Talk, Move (PDF)


Chapter 14

Figure 14.1 Increasing Positive Interactions (PDF)
Figure 14.2 Ratio of Interaction (PDF)
Resource: How to Score Ratio of Interaction (PDF)


Download ALL Chapter Resource Materials (.zip)