Authors: Spike Cook, Jessica Johnson, and Theresa Stager
Pub Date: August 25, 2015

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Chapter 1 - On an island by yourself

Impact of Isolation on Leadership

Chapter 2 - Finding Your Professional Learning Network

Chapter 3 - Maintaining Balance

Chapter 4 - Embracing Mindset and Connection with Mindset

Chapter 5 - Now What? So What? What’s Next?

Reviews for Breaking Out of Isolation

"School leadership is a challenge that is made more difficult through isolation, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The authors lead you to reflect on what isolates you and share practical ways to help get connected. A must read for connected and soon to be connected leaders!"
Todd Whitaker, Professor of Department of Educational Leadership
Indiana State University

"Being a school leader can lead to incredible, life changing moments for kids, but it is also filled with a healthy dose of loneliness and isolation. Spike Cook, Jessica Johnson, and Theresa Stager do an excellent job in this book unearthing this reality and providing real, practical solutions for today's school leader. They lay out an excellent roadmap on how today's leaders can build connections across communities so that their teachers and students can excel."
Dr. Robert Dillon, Director of Innovation for the Affton School District
Author of Leading Connected Classroom: The Heart and Soul of Learning

"Filled with real-time examples and reflection questions from three dynamic, active principals who've crafted their own connected and growing practices, this book is a comforting guide for anyone seeking to establish a personal or professional learning network, and lays a Twitter-connected path to the next steps of leadership development."
Kirsten Olson, Ed.D, PCC
Author of The Mindful School Leader and Wounded By School

"Cook, Johnson, and Stager hit the nail on the head as they identify isolation as a major obstacle to the success of school leaders. Principals do not thrive by doing it on their own, and the authors present a readable guide on how to get and stay connected by building a professional learning network. Helpful vignettes from other educators and the authors’ own experiences add nuance to the book’s treatment of both the opportunities and challenges of connectedness. Particularly insightful is the discussion of how becoming connected outside of one’s school and district can paradoxically contribute to short-term feelings of isolation. For readers who know they need to reach out to others to become better leaders, but are not quite sure how to do so, this useful book provides encouragement and a useful road map. Reflection and action sections at the end of each chapter also provide practical steps any reader can take towards becoming a connected school leader."
Jeff Carpenter, Assistant Professor of Education and Director of Teaching Fellows Program
Elon University

"To connect, or not to connect, that is the question - or is it? Spike, Jessica, and Theresa have provided school leaders at all levels of connectivity with a toolbox of resources and professionals to begin their digital journey. As a novice in the social media world, I am empowered to begin expanding my Professional Learning Network (PLN) by utilizing and following the steps and experts they have suggested."
Brian Partin, Principal
Ross N. Ross Middle School

"Linchpin educational leaders Spike, Jessica, and Theresa epitomize growth mindsets as they share how they use social media every day to build linkages across their own school communities and within global professional learning networks. In Breaking Out of Isolation this writing team brings alive stories of connected educators who amplify their own mindful learning, power up resource sharing across networks, and support each other. If you want to learn how social media can make a difference in your own work as an educator or are looking to influence others, Breaking Out of Isolation will be a valuable resource."
Pam Moran, Superintendent
Albemarle County Public Schools, Charlottesville, VA

"As a building administrator, this is an absolute must read. This book should be a go-to-guide for leaders for years to come. Spike, Jessica and Theresa understand the complexity of leadership and share several tips, strategies and thoughts to help leaders gain confidence and increase success. Simply put it is time to grab a paddle (or this book) and get off of the island."
Ben Gilpin, Principal
Warner Elementary School, Spring Arbor, MI