Author: Pernille Ripp
Pub Date: September 16, 2014

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Reviews for Empowered Schools, Empowered Students:

Pernille has shared what it takes to create an environment that nurtures growth for students and staff.

Nicholas Provenzano, The Nerdy Teacher

This book is a must read for any educator looking to transform their classroom or school to be more relevant for their students and staff. Ripp’s personality and warmth comes through in her writing and coupled with first-hand experience, this is a great resource for teachers and administrators alike. In addition, the author weaves in specific examples from professionals practicing the advice she puts forth.

In this day of increasingly standardized educational practice, this book helps to navigate ways in which to empower the work we do as teachers and leaders. Many books are written from so called “experts” with little in-school experience, but Pernille is living and breathing what she writes about. Her narrative and those she shares are authentic and from the perspective of practicing educators. When she puts forth an idea, it is backed up with a powerful story from practitioners who are working in schools and with kids every single day. This allows readers to not only gain access to Pernille’s ideas but see how they play out in numerous contexts and situations.

Josh Stumpenhorst, Junior High Teacher
2012 IL State Teacher of the Year
Naperville Community School District 203
Oswego, IL

In this book, Pernille makes a case for the need to change from a traditional hierarchical approach of control to a shared, empowering approach. This book outlines steps that administrators can take to share leadership in their schools and teachers can take to share the responsibility of learning with the students.

I have known Pernille for many years and my respect for her as a classroom teacher, educational thinker, and student advocate has continually grown. When Pernille speaks about empowering students I listen as should you. She is one of those rare voices, a classroom teacher who shares openly and honestly about changing practices to create a student centered classroom.

William Chamberlain, Teacher
Noel Elementary School
Noel, MO

Pernille Ripp gives great examples not only on how leaders can empower teachers to hone in on their leadership skills in the school community, but also how teachers can empower students to create a positive learning environment in the classroom. Pernille’s story about her own classroom is truly inspiring and makes you think as a teacher ways in which you can empower your own students to take ownership in the classroom.  I look forward to suggesting this book to my colleagues as a must read.

Billy Krakower, Teacher
Founding Partner of Evolving Educators
North Caldwell, NJ