Author: Spike Cook
Pub Date: September 16, 2014

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Reviews for Connected Leadership:

"How relevant are you as a school leader? This is the essential question that Dr. Cook succinctly addresses in this handbook that is positioned to be an essential reading for any 21st Century leader.  His work details the power of connectivity to break down silos of information and get school leaders off isolated islands to improve professional practice and transform schools.  By weaving stories of how practitioners have benefited from connecting through social media, Dr. Cook presents the necessary ingredients for change that can be implemented immediately."
Eric Sheninger, Corwin Author
Digital Leadership

“This book has practical examples of how educators can use Web 2.0 tools to grow professionally and personally. Cook describes his journey as a lead learner in a way that is easy to read; he inspires, engages, and encourages the reader to move from isolation to connection.” 
Dwight Carter, Principal
New Albany High School

“After reading this book, you'll be inspired by the stories of newly connected educators. If you've been hesitant to take the plunge into the social media waters, you'll be ready to jump right in after this quick and informative read."
Erin Klein, Teacher and Blogger

"In this book, Spike Cook presents a practical, easy to understand, and more importantly easy to implement manual for becoming connected. Spike uses real life experiences from connected educators to highlight the tenets of the book. This is a must read for the connected and soon to be connected leaders!"
Todd Whitaker, Professor of Department of Educational Leadership
Indiana State University