Author: Susan Bearden
Pub Date: March 28, 2016

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Chapter 1 - What Is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship in Schools, 2nd Edition by Mike Ribble
Common Sense Media
Common Sense Education
Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship and Literacy Curriculum

Reputation Management companies:

Chapter 3 - Demonstrating Leadership

Recommended reading:

Common Sense Media - Connecting Families Program
Terrific resources for facilitating student panel discussions and other parent education materials.

Embrace Digital literacy - Want to improve your search skills? Check out, which offers two self-paced courses that will benefit anyone who ever uses the internet. Learn more about copyright and fair use at Go to and do a search for the #digcit hashtag to find a plethora of up to date resources about digital citizenship.

Tools for monitoring your digital footprint:
Google Alerts is one of the older tools in this category. It is free and you can create up to a thousand alerts, many users have complained that it "misses" a fair amount of conten.

Talkwalker alerts are also free (for up to 100 alerts) and are a good alternative to Google alerts.

Mention allows you to create one alert for free then offers fee based services for additional alerts and analytics.

Social Mention allows you narrow your search criteria down to specific categories of websites (such as blogs). It also analyzes the emotion, or "social sentiment" of posts - be they positive, negative, or neutral.

Chapter 4 - Educating Faculty and Staff

The New York City Department of Education Social Media Guidelines
The New York City Department of Education Student Social Media Guidelines
The New York City Department of Education Teacher's Guide to the Student Social Media Guidelines

Digital Literacy and Citizenship Facebook Group
A place for NYC DOE staff who want to share ideas and build their personal learning networks to connect and converse about digital literacy and citizenship.

Parent and Family Gide to the Student Social Media Guidelines
NYC DOE Social Media page
Digital Citizenship Resources from Cyberwise

Chapter 5 - Educating Students

Common Sense Media Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum
Common Sense Media: Digital Bytes
Digital Driver's License - University of Kentucky
Cable Impacts: Teaching Digital Citizenship
Digital Citizenship Survival Kit
Netsmartz kids
Google Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum
Google Understanding YouTube and Digital Citizenship Curriculum
Google Search Education
Digital Citizenship website by Mike Ribble
Burlington High School Digital Literacy Blog

Reviews for Digital Citizenship

"Susan Bearden has written a definitive work on the most salient issue facing contemporary education. Her approaches towards explaining Digital Citizenship and offering impactful action for all members of a school community are invaluable. Schools at every step in the Digital Citizenship journey should read this book and implement its recommendations."
Matt Harris, Chair of the Board of Directors
International Society for Technology in Education

"Susan Bearden has provided a concise handbook on a topic that every educator should be learning about, that of Digital Citizenship. This guide offers for busy professional educator a focused understanding on a topic that many still have little knowledge. She has explained complex topics in a way that is easy to comprehend while still providing the necessary information. Additionally, Susan has provided real-world examples to help offer a roadmap for educators to follow or to issues to take notice. In a time of educational change and increased use of technology in the classroom, Susan has created a tool to assist educators at all levels."
Mike Ribble, Author of Digital Citizenship in Schools.

"Educators, parents, and children are doing their best to navigate education technology in this Renaissance of technology and communication. Susan Bearden starts by acknowledging that many adults have as much to learn about the online world as students do. Her suggestions for how to model positive digital citizenship, backed up by examples from real schools across the country, are actionable and realistic for any busy school leader. In an era of intense debate, Bearden doesn't shy away from CIPPA, COPPA, FERPA, or the student data privacy discussion that is ongoing at the national level. This book is essential for educators, parents, and policy-makers."
Kerry Gallagher, Author & Digital Learning Specialist
St. John's Prep, Danvers, MA

"Susan Bearden has written an important, articulate book packed with practical wisdom about helping everyone navigate the opportunities and anxieties of the connected world. While she is focused on helping students, she understands that their education requires the education of all of us: parents, administrators, community members. In clear, poignant terms she spells out what each of us needs to do to become an inspired, responsible digital citizenship so we can create the kinds of communities we want. This is a must read book for anyone wanting to know how to address our concerns about our online lives, while focusing on all the good that the networking world has to offer."
Jason Ohler, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Educational Technology and Virtual Learning
University of Alaska

"Why do all of us - teachers, parents, school leaders, and the members of the community - need to learn and support our kids learning about Digital Citizenship? Susan Bearden's book is a wonderful primer on the subject. As Susan writes: "Digital citizenship education is not solely ‘the school's responsibility' or ‘the parent's responsibility,' but is instead a community responsibility." All of us together are smarter than any of us alone. This point is underscored in my favourite line from the book: "Every step we take to educate the village helps all adults in the school community be better role models for our students." It's a short, but very thorough, good read."
Darren Kuropatwa, Director of Learning
Hanover School Division