Author: Tony Sinanis and Joseph M. Sanfelippo
Pub Date: February 17, 2015

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Reviews for Principal Professional Development

"With this book, Sinanis and Sanfelippo have written a well-researched, yet accessible guide to the how and why school administrators should embrace social media. This book will help school administrators who are still debating whether or not to be online jump into the waters."
Chris Lehmann, Founding Principal
Science Leadership Academy, Philadelphia, PA

"The skill set of a leader has changed. We haven’t been given any more time or money, but the expectation to stay ahead of the curve has dramatically changed the way we 'do business.' Thankfully, through the use of several social media tools, Sanfelippo and Sinanis show practical ways administrators can meet the demands of our role with ease."
Amber Teamann, Assistant Principal
Watkins Elementary, Wylie, TX

"Joe and Tony do a masterful job of personalizing this innovative work. You can tell this work is their vocation, not just a job. Their writing has been quickly absorbed by doctoral students, faculty and alumni here at @MCDPEL."
Dr. Joe Mazza, Innovation Leadership Manager
University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, Philadelphia, PA