Author: Peter M. DeWitt
Pub Date: August 19, 2014

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Reviews for Flipping Leadership Doesn’t Mean Reinventing the Wheel:

Education is plagued by outdated leadership strategies and techniques that have long lost their luster. Peter DeWitt provides a fresh look at how leaders can make use of precious time while increasing the effectiveness of meetings and communications. His message is a call to action for leaders to jump on the train before it is too late.”
Eric Sheninger, Principal and Author, Digital Leadership

“After reading this book, my mind is racing with ideas! I have already started planning for flipped faculty meetings as a way to maximize time with our staff. I am also really intrigued by the possibility of student led conferences. The opportunity to empower our students and allow them to use their voices to link home and school is an important opportunity we cannot miss. Peter's thoughts on the power of being a connected educator and leader and being comfortable with technology are ones that resonated with me because the best way to prepare our students for the future is to model it for them today. This book is a must read for all educators, and especially educational leaders!”
Tony Sinanis, Principal & Corwin Author of The Power of Branding
Cantiague Elementary, Jericho, NY

“Peter is the principal of the flipped! He flipped his teaching, flipped his staff meetings, flipped his newsletters, and shows the passion of flipping! The story shows his emerging passion for backward design, for working from what needs to be realised to how we then attain such success, and for listening and carrying his staff with him. The book describes a principal’s road to realising how to see the world in a different and more powerful way.”
John Hattie, Author, Visible Learning
Auckland, NZ

Peter DeWitt has a great idea, here: taking the flip concept and applying it to leadership. If you’re looking for innovative ways to improve staff meetings and other collaboration within your school, you’ll get a lot out of this book.”
Jim Knight, Research Associate and Corwin Author, High Impact Instruction
University of Kansas

Utilizing the methods of flipped leadership, principles facilitate better management and communication with their faculty, parents, and students, and interact in a deeper level of discussion. With broadcasting tools such as TouchCast, Peter demonstrates how easy it is to promote your ideas through flipped videos and use the valuable time in one-on-one sessions for meaningful dialogue.”
Dr. Ayelet Segal, Head of Education
TouchCast, New York, NY