Author: Tom Whitby
Pub Date: August 25, 2015

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Chapter 1:
Tom Whitby’s blog: My Island View

Chapter 2:
Kyle Pace’s website:

Chapter 3:
Kristen Swanson’s blog: Teachers as Technology Trailblazers

Chapter 4:
Steven Anderson’s Blog: Web 2.0 Classroom
Kathy Shrock’s Guide to Authentic Learning for Students

Chapter 5:
George Couros’s blog: The Principal of Change
Connected Principals
Maddisyn’s blog post: “Make Your Mark and Make It Matter
Pernille Ripp’s blog: Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension
John Spencer’s blog: Spencer Ideas

Chapter 6:
Shannon McClintock Miller’s blog: The Library Voice
Our First Skype Connection: “How One Amazing Video Created by Our Friends in LA Made a Difference at Our School
What a Very Special Virtual Field Trip From Madison County, Iowa, to Los Angeles Means to All of Us

Chapter 7:
Lisa Nielsen’s blog: The Innovative Educator
Hashtag Activism is Here to Stay” by Avi Sholkoff
Mrs. Yollis’s Classroom Blog: “Learning How to Comment
Google Educator Groups
MoCCA Fest

Innovative educators and students to add to your Personal Learning Network:

Name Platform Link
Alex Laubscher Instagram
Courtney Woods

Jabreel Chisley Twitter
Linda Yollis Blog
Lisa Nielsen

Nikhil Goyal

Zak Malamed


Chapter 8:
Adam Bellow’s website: EduTecher
Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day
Read in Case of Emergency: The What Ifs(PDF)

Chapter 9:
Pam Moran’s blog: A Space for Learning

Reviews for The Educator's Guide to Creating Connections

"The successful educator is a connected educator. Quite simply, this book is a manual to stay relevant and energized in a rapidly changing profession. I highly recommend this as the definitive guidebook on building connections for the modern educator."
Vicki Davis, Author "Reinventing Writing"

"Tom Whitby has brought together a who's who list any educator would want to be connected with and learn from! His latest book shares great ideas on how teachers can use online strategies as one way to look and learn beyond our all-too-often isolated classrooms."
Larry Ferlazzo, Award-Winning Teacher, Blogger, and Author
Helping Students Motivate Themselves

"Change is accelerating exponentially. What this means for educators is that to be effective, it's critical they be able to make connections for learning, both for themselves and for their students. "The Educator's Guide to Creating Connections" assembles perspectives from today's top thought leaders and change agents. Tom and his contributors "drill down" and give specific rational, strategies, and techniques for leveraging technology to connect learners. Their beliefs of giving students voice, empowers kids and enhances learning. Through connections, creativity, and imagination, educators and learners are no longer isolated in siloed classrooms. "The Educator's Guide to Creating Connections" is a valuable read for shaping thinking and taking action."
John Carver @JohnCCarver, Superintendent
Howard-Winneshiek Community Schools