Author: Laura Fleming
Pub Date: February 17, 2015

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Session Four - Laura Fleming

Session Four - Laura Fleming

New Jersey High School Getting
Creative With Makerspace

New Jersey High School Getting Creative With Makerspace

Reviews for Worlds of Making

"Fleming provides a concise overview of the Maker Movement as a revolution taking place in learning today. This book makes a case for the importance of creating a culture of innovation and offers practical tips and strategies for those interested in creating their own makerspaces."
Greg Toppo, Education Reporter
USA Today

"Laura Fleming does an exquisite job of creating a guide for all schools to tap into students' innate desire to create, tinker, invent, and make to learn. Leveraging her experience as a practitioner she provides a compelling, yet simple recipe for any school or educator to transform any space into a makerspace on a shoestring budget. It is time to bring the fun back into learning!"
Eric Sheninger, Senior Fellow
International Center for Leadership in Education
Scholastic Achievement Partners