Authors: Lisa Dabbs and Nicol R. Howard
Pub Date: August 25, 2015

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Building Relationships as a Connected Educator

Building Relationships as a Connected Educator

#EduVue 1.02: Featuring #ntchat: Lisa Dabbs

#EduVue 1.02: Featuring #ntchat: Lisa Dabbs

Classroom 2.0 Presents Lisa Dabbs and #ntchat

Classroom 2.0 Presents Lisa Dabbs and #ntchat


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Reviews for Standing in the Gap

"This book is an excellent resource for a variety of audiences. Intended for new teachers, the book is a valuable resource also for those enrolled in schools of education and veteran teachers mentoring new teachers or seeking new tips to add to their repertoire. The book contains a wealth of examples of how educators gain from online resources such as Twitter and Google Communities to connect with others and is especially useful for new teachers looking for how to use online communities to their advantage. Clearly, any new teachers will save time by using the tips offered as they learn how to gain access to a variety of online resources. The authors share their own experiences as well as include scenarios from other practicing educators of how they use online resources to refine their teaching skills and enrich their professional lives."
Judy Artz, Associate Professor of English
University of Saint Joseph

“Navigating the waters of social media can be tricky for any teacher and completely overwhelming for those who are new to our field. Through the voices of two well-respected educators with a long history of passionate support for new teachers, "Standing in the Gap" offers a manageable, practical plan for helping educators get connected and share ideas online.”

Angela Watson, Educational Consultant and Instructional Coach
Brooklyn, NY

“Lisa Dabbs and Nicol Howard offer a stellar exploration of what collaboration and communication can look like in modern education and how it can enhance all aspects of school with their book Standing in the Gap: Empowering New Teachers Through Connected Resources. Learn about the cornerstone ideas that will help root connect classrooms, students, parents, and administrators to the incredible learning in the classroom. Full on insights and actionable tasks that take you from the concept to implementation quickly. A must read for those wishing to maximize digital tools as a way to increase communication and collaboration with all the educational stakeholders.”
Adam Bellow, Educational Consultant and Corwin Author, Untangling the Web

"Students being “connected” is a given, so educators need to be out front of digital change. Standing in the Gap gives teachers the resources and the know-how to lead their students into this global community. Lisa and Nicol represent the growing body of educators who recognize that social media gives power, not problems, to students’ learning."
Angela Maiers, Founder and President
Choose2Matter, Inc. and Maiers Education Services, Inc.

"Standing in the Gap drew me right away into a virtual learning community, with Nicol and Lisa as expert guides and encouraging mentors. There are so many resources here, shared in each chapter by teachers who generously open their doors to us. And the Action Steps tie it all together, make it do-able. This will be a good tool for our teacher education programs, where novices and experts are learning together to use online resources and social media."
Cynthia Grutzik, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, CSULB College of Education